SDI Solo Diver Program

SDI Solo Diver Program

Brand: SDI

SDI Solo Diver Program

Solo Diving is the practice of self-reliant scuba diving without a “dive buddy.” Solo Divers are skilled in self-sufficiency and are able to take responsibility for their own safety while diving.

The Solo Diver course emphasises the importance of proper dive planning, personal limitations, and accident prevention, as well as the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures and equipment for diving solo.

This program comprises an evening theory session and a double  boat dive and is the perfect course if you are;

  • an underwater photography or underwater video diver 
  • diving with your children
  • diving with a less experienced buddy.
  • interested in learning how to dive independent of a dive buddy
  • looking to strengthen your buddy team diving skills.


Prerequisites for the Solo Diver program:

  • Minimum age 21
  • Minimum certification level Advanced Diver 
  • Minimum logged dives 100
  • Current medical clearance. 

Equipment Requirements

You will require to provide your own diving equipment, which must include a redundant air source: Pony bottle, twin cylinders with isolation valve or independent doubles. Spare Air is not acceptable.

Course Structure

Evening Session

Course overview

Sign Waiver and Release documentation

Why solo dive

Who should solo dive

Solo diving mentality

When not to solo dive

Equipment for solo diving

Planning & conducting solo dives


Management of solo diver emergencies.



On Dive Day you will conduct a double boat dive as follows:

Dive #1

Skills review, including use of redundant system. Reciprocal compass swim from fixed point (ie anchor) Use of SMB Surface swim

Dive #2

Submit a dive plan Dive the plan utilizing your solo diver skills Course Inclusions SDI Solo Diver Pack Double boat dive Certification as Solo Diver through SDI once course objectives are successfully completed.

  • SDI Solo Diver (1 evening and 2 boat dives) – $275 (club members $250)