Scubapro SUB VU Adult Travel Set

Scubapro SUB VU Adult Travel Set

Brand: Scubapro

The Sub Vu is a mask featuring an ultra-clear single front lens and seamless side windows which gives you a wide field of view. The clear silicon skirt has a double seal ensuring a comfortable and watertight fit while allowing lots of light in to create a light airy feeling.

If you are used to the common dilemma of water getting into you snorkel, a dry top snorkel is the way around it, as these snorkels are fitted with a splashguard at the top to keep water out and ensure increased comfort while snorkelling. The Sub Vu snorkel also features a soft silicone mouthpiece for added comfort and a quick-connect clip to attach the snorkel to the mask strap. 

Technical Information

  • Tri-lens mask design providing a wide field of view
  • Double-seal silicone skirt to provide an excellent, water-tight fit
  • Splashguard on snorkel to keep water out on surface swims
  • Includes a carry bag