Brand: Salvimar


Salvimar Spearfishing Package includes:

Salvimar Next 3mm Wetsuit (add $100 for 5mm wetsuit upgrade)

Two piece wet suit with neoprene open cell inside and elastic NEXT camouflage lining outside, preformed cut.

Salvimar Voodo Open Speargun

Salvimar Voodoo Atlantis Speargun with aluminium barrel with continuous rail and an open muzzle for maximum power and balance.

Salvimar Next Camouflage Fins

One of the best performing and best looking spearfishing fins available in Australia.

NEXT long bladed fins are designed using the same camo design as the NEXT WETSUIT.

Salvimar's Next Fins feature removable polypropylene blades which incorporate Salvimar's unique blade connection system

Salvimar Goblin Mask

Salvimar Goblin Mask is a dual lens mask with reduced internal volume. Reducing the volume brings the mask closer to the face making the mask easy to clear and providing a much wider field of vision allowing the diver to see more of the environment.

Salvimar ST Atlantis Maxi Knife

Salvimar Atlantis Maxi Knife with Dual edge stainless blade and ergonomic handle with finger loops.

Pro S/S Marseille Weightbelt

Flexible rubberin th Marseille weightbelt adjusts to the compression of the divers suit at depth, ensuring that the buckle does not slip around the body. Small diameter holes and the pin flicking 90 deg to the belt minimize the chance of the buckle re-engaging on release.

Pelagic 7ft Float and Flag and Float Rope

Pelagic Float and Flag is the perfect size float ideal for rock hopping and general use. The outside of the float has been made from heavy duty bright orange PVC fabric, with an internal foam moulded solid centre for long life.

3mm socks

Neoprene booties with soft sole,.  Hyper Stretch and water tight.

3mm gloves

Neoprene gloves.  Hyper Stretch and water tight.

Drybag 100

100 litre capacity watertight PVC equipment bag with waterproof zipper closing to keep your gear organised. Features watertight joints and drain valve plus long handles allow carrying by hand, by shoulder or as a backpack.



*5mm wetsuit Upgrade option add $100