Rob Allen Samburu 1300 Carbon Rail Gun

Rob Allen Samburu 1300 Carbon Rail Gun

Brand: Rob Allen

The newest addition to the Rob Allen Range comes the Samburu carbon railgun. Replacing the previous Zulu barrell, the Samburu carbon holds twice the strength.  The Samburu railgun is air brushed with a unique pattern on each individual gun


  • Samburu carbon barrell holds twice the strength of the Zulu
  • individually airbrushed camo barrels
  • Rob Allens Next Generation Vecta 2 handle & mechanism.
  • 7.5mm double wire fin shaft engineered from ultra tough oil-quenched carbon alloy spring steel.
  • Ergonomic Loading Butt.
  • Open muzzle with twin 16mm USA Latex rubbers.
  • High Strength, abrasion resistant mono shooting line.
  • Stainless steel line release.
  • Integrated dovetail reel mounting bracket.