Poseidon Se7en - Scrubber (Pack of 2 Cannisters)

Poseidon Se7en - Scrubber (Pack of 2 Cannisters)

Brand: Poseidon


No need to pack scrubber yourself with pre-packed SofnoDive 797.

SofnoDive® 797 eliminates the need for the user to come into contact with the absorber material (Sofnolime®) and provides guaranteed performance. Each package holds 2 containers of scrubber. Each container provides 3 hours of CE approved dive time. SofnoDive? 797, made by Molecular Products, is the only scrubber that Poseidon Diving Systems AB has approved to be used with Poseidon’s rebreathers. Technical features:

  • Disposable, 2.7 kg.
  • 3 hour dive time (CE)
  • 2 year shelf time
  • Easy to install

Each canister has been tested for a duration of 180 minutes at 40 m/131 ft, water temperature of 4°C / 39,2°F, and a breathing rate of 40 lpm producing 1.6 liters CO2 per minute at STPD (Standard Temperature & Pressure,Dry in accordance with EN14143)