Oceanic Delta 5 EDX Regulator

Oceanic Delta 5 EDX Regulator

Brand: Oceanic

Oceanic Delta 5 EDX Regulator

The Delta 5 EDX comes standard with Dynamic Adjustment Technology, dive/pre-dive controls and a super comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece.  This premium regulator has an all metal pneumatic valve for a super-smooth breathing performance in any conditions and has an added heat exchanger on the hose connection to the 2nd stage for cold water diving.

Paired with the new EDX – a top of the line over-balanced diaphragm 1st stage and available with DIN or Yoke fitting, it comes with 4 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports.


Delta 5 Second stage Features

  • Pneumatically balanced second stage with new all-metal valve maintains consistent inhalation effort at any depth
  • Heat exchanger enhances performance on cold water dives
  • Orthodontic mouthpiece provides optimal comfort and fit
  • Optional swivel adaptor available
  • Durable MiFlex Braided Hose comes standard


EDX First Stage

  • Balanced Diaphragm Valve enables constant performance at any depth
  • Available in DIN or Yoke
  • 4 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports
  • Nitrox compatible to 40% out of the box
  • Environmental seal protects valve from external contaminants and maintains performance in cold water



Lifetime Warranty
Free Parts for Life
2 Year service interval (including 1Year visual inspection)