Oceanic Atmos Complete Scuba Package

Oceanic Atmos Complete Scuba Package

Brand: Oceanic

Oceanic Atmos Diving Package

The Oceanic 25% off Atmos standard package includes the Atmos BCD, Alpha 10 CDX regulator, the Alpha 9 Occy and a free Cargo Mesh Duffle bag.

Purchase the standard package or customies it with a regulator upgrade or a computer add on.

At 25% off RRP the Oceanic Atmos package offers incredible value for money.


Package Inclusions


The Atmos is a durably-constructed, full-featured hybrid air-cell BC. Unique, hybrid rear-inflation bladder enables air to “shift,” which provides maximum amount of lift and keeps you properly orientated on or below the surface. 


Alpha 10 CDX Regulator

A pneumatically balanced reg with dive and pre dive adjustment on the second stage allowing you to get your desired air flow with effortless breathing and will also prevent unwanted free flowing when on the surface or jumping in to a current from the boat. It is extremely durable, yet compact and light weight which is great for travelling or even to prevent jaw fatique. The balanced feature works at high and low cylinder pressures and will automatically adjust accordingly. 


Alpha 9 Occy

A top performing alternate air source with orthodontic mouthpiece and Nitrox compatibility. 


Cargo Mesh Duffle

Gear transport for tropical and local trips. Sometimes a monster bag is just too big once you arrive at your destination. Use these durable waterproof bags in conjunction with a larger bag for easy transport to the dive site or boat and storage between dive days. Ready to rinse your gear after a day of diving? Simply drop the entire bag in the rinse tank and hang up to dry. 



Delta 5/EDX

Ready for anything, this pneumatically balanced regulator with new metal valve is paired
with the eDX to provide effortless breathing in any conditions. ADD $182


Built with a chrome plated brass valve this pneumatically balanced reg paired with FDXi provides consistently effortless breathing at any recreational depth. ADD $327



Veo 2.0 Wrist Computer

Simple to use this dual algorithm air/notrox computer can help you plan, log and dive within your limits.

Veo 2.0 Navcon 

The Veo 2.0 Navcon has all the features of the Veo 2.0 Wrist but comes with SPG and compass in one console. ADD $398

Geo 2.0

A stylish and functional four mode dual algorithm two gas mix wrist watch computer with a simple user interface. ADD $585 


This low profile four mode dual algorithm stainless steel wrist watch computer looks the part in and out of the water. ADD $765


Additional package options available in store.

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