Oceanic Atmos BCD

Oceanic Atmos BCD

Brand: Oceanic

New From Oceanic  - The Atmos BCD

We have a brand new BCD in the house which we are excited to about.

The new Oceanic Atmos BCD. A full-featured hybrid air-cell BCD, the Atmos has a rear-inflation bladder allowing the air to “shift” and thus providing lift to keep you orientated when diving- both on the surface and during your dive.

The Atmos allows for 20lbs of integrated weight in pinch and release system and also 10lbs in the trim. There is also a padded back plate to increase lumbar support and help to disperse tank weight from the shoulders to hips. With a number of other features, this is a great new BCD worth considering for those looking to trade in or get their first one.


Available with standard balanced power inflator or Air XS 2 Octopus/Inflator upgrade.