Salvimar Next Comouflage Fins

Salvimar Next Comouflage Spearfishing Fins

Brand: Salvimar

Salvimar Next Camouflage Fins:

One of the best performing and best looking spearfishing fins available in Australia.

NEXT long bladed fins are designed using the same camo design as the NEXT WETSUIT.

Salvimar's Next Fins feature removable polypropylene blades which incorporate Salvimar's unique blade connection system.


Available in three sizes: 42-43, 44-45 and 46-47.


- Mimetic camouflage blade

- Interchangeable Blades and unique blade connection system

- Ergonomic Heel design for greater comfort

- Channelled Structure for better Water Canalization along the blade

- Durable Polypropylene material .

- Step Footpocket providing greater stability 

- Ribs connection system to achieve maximum power with minimal effort

Packaged product dimensions: 10cm x 25cm x 85cm
Materials: Thermoplastic
Color: Camouflage
Removable footpocket: Yes