Salvimar 3.5mm Spearfishing Wetsuit

Salvimar N.A.T. 3.5mm Spearfishing Wetsuit - Open Cell Inside, Camo Lining Outside

Brand: Salvimar

Salvimar NAT 3.5mm Spearfishing Wetsuit

The Salvimar N.A.T. (Natural Advanced Texture) two piece wetsuit is an open cell neoprene wetsuit with elastic camouage lining outside. 

- Preformed, easy fit.
- Reinforcement Elbows and Knees.
- Puffgum Reinforcement.
- Sternum Reinforcement.
- High-Waist Pants.
- Adjustable Beaver Tail Button for longer torsos.
- Camouflage Open Cell.
- Strong PUFFGUM reinforcements on elbows and knees.