Hollis Rock Boot Drysuit Overboots

Hollis Rock Boot Drysuit Overboot (unisex)

Brand: Hollis

Hollis Drysuit Overboot (unisex)

Protect your feet and your neoprene drysuit socks from damange, and prevent air from pocketing in your drysuit socks with the Hollis Over-Boot.

  • Rugged and comfortable for tough conditions
  • Tough super grip anti-slip rubberised sole.
  • Lace top for a comfortable semi-custom fit
  • Rubberised toe and heel to protect your neoprene drysuit socks from abrasion damage and punctures
  • Fin strap catch on heel to secure fin strap
  • Sizes: 5 –-14 (UK mens sizing)
  • Drain holes on sides for quick drying
  • Padded sides and tongue for extra comfort