Frog Dive Weekend Away - Scuba Dive Port Stephens

Frog Dive Weekend Away - Scuba Dive Port Stephens

Brand: Frog Dive Australia

Just 2 1/2  hours noth of Sydney is the wonderful Nelsons Bay, Port Stephens.  A weekend away includes accommodation on Friday & Saturday night + four dives over the two days with second cylinders and air.

Weather permitting your boat dives will be at dive sites around Broughton Island, which boasts a number of magnificent dive sites, that regularly get up to 20m visibility, and are home to a large colony of grey nurse sharks.

Looking Glass. At this site you can swim through a large crack in the rock face, like a channel through the middle of the island which opens out into a large area like a natural fishbowl where you will find grey nurse sharks and large rays and circling overhead of some very nervous baitfish! The maximum depth inside the Looking Glass is 18 metres which makes it a perfect site for all certified divers.

Looking Glass Wall. A great dive for advanced divers as you descend from 15-40 metres down a sheer wall with an abundance of fish life. Keep your eye out for the rare eastern blue devil fish  hiding in a cave.

Shark Gutters. This is a spectacular maze of narrow gutters brimming with grey nurse sharks from pups to large males. You may also enjoy the serenity of the huge rays as they gracefully glide by. Maximum depth of 14 metres.

North Rock. A kelp covered bombie leading down to fingers of gutters teaming with fish. Swim through the sponge gardens and take your underwater camera as visibility is often great and there is heaps to see. A great range of depth from 5 metres to 22 metres.

Cod Rock. An unusual looking lava tube that you can swim through. You will find yourself exploring the gutters, the crevices and caves looking for fish and eels. You won't be disappointed, there is plenty to see here!