Sharkskin Exposure Protection

Sharkskin Exposure Protection


Sharkskin Technical Water Sports Protection



Sharkskin combines a number of key performance features to create a revolutionary technical water sports apparel range.

  • Durable water repellent outer layer to provide a protective shell that ‘sheds’ water.
  • High quality next-to-skin fleece to wick moisture and keep you warm and dry.
  • Sharkskin garments range between SPF30+ / 50+ for protection from UV rays.
  • ‘Technical’ membrane layer which is 100% windproof to stop windchill.



The original and still the best thermal layer on the market. An aquatic specific, windproof 3-layer composite material that has been developed for water sports athletes.



Rapid Dry uses an advanced water repelling and rapid drying material. The perfect choice for on or off the water.